Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mitsubishi A6M "Zero-sen" and fuel tanks

  A6M5 Model 52, photo from a December 1944 vintage magazine. Note the barely visible multiple exhausts and the single 20mm cannon on the wing. The green paint line that curves and reaches the elevators, instead of the tail light, on the planes behind the ground crew guy,  indicates that they are Nakajima built Zeros.
  Location and unit unknown but the white overalls of the ground crew means it's somewhere in Japan mainland. Note that the empty drop tank is very light, most probably it's a 150litre (other sources state it's a 200litre) installed under the wings. This particular type could carry a bomb under it's fuselage therefore the underwing drop tanks which were the same used by IJAAF and IJNAF.
Of interest is also the fuselage Hinomaru with the white surround overpainted.

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