Arawasi contest #8

Monday, 20 February 2012

Kawasaki Ki-10 (Perry) ー 九五式戦闘機

Another photo from the same vintage 1939 magazine, this time of three Ki-10 with a barely visible Ki-27 (Nate) on the extreme right and some Kawasaki Ki-32s (Mary) in the background.
The duels between the "Kyugosen" (the Japanese nickname of the Ki-10) of the 9th and 33rd Sentai with the Soviet I-15s over Nomonhan were legendary, until the arrival of the I-16, nicknamed "abu" (horsefly) by the Japanese.

Note the tail skid on the concrete tarmac. It was to act as an extra break on airfields of earth or grass but it was not recommended for concrete airfields. For this reason Ki-10s, and later Ki-27s, operating from concrete airfields had their tail skid replaced with a tail wheel.

The unit is unknown. It has in it's strength a combination of fighters, light and medium bombers, so in my opinion it's a rentai formation. Any information on the unit or Ki-10 model photos are highly welcomed.


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