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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fokker Super Universal

A photo from a vintage publication dated June 15, 1940. On that day, at 14:00, Fokker Super Universal J-DFOH arrived in Tokyo's Haneda airport from Sapporo to celebrate the commencement of regular commercial flights between Tokyo and Sapporo by Dai Nippon Koku. For this celebrating event the J-DFOH Super Universal took off from Sapporo carrying plenty of Lilies of the Valley (suzuran in Japanese) to be handed to wounded soldiers in Tokyo's 1st and 2nd Army hospitals.

   Sapporo Lilies of the Valley

On the same day at 08:00 another Fokker Super Universal took off from Haneda loaded with Edomae Senbe (Tokyo Rice Crackers) for 200 persons to be handed at wounded soldiers at Sapporo's Tsukisamu hospital.

 Edomae Senbe

The lilies were handed by six "Air Girls", Misses Uematsu, Komuro, Yamada, Yamamoto, Mita and Kawano, three of which are featured in this photo. Note that J-DFOH has no engine cowling offering a splendid view of the Kotobuki Type 2 engine. The J- registration is most unusual but that's what the vintage publication clearly mentions.

別名、谷間の姫百合とも呼ぶ、この空の慰問花束は、早速エアガール 植松・小室・山田・山本・三田・河野の六嬢によって傷いえる日を待つ勇士の枕頭へ届けられた。


John in Boston said...

I just saw your post here... and I shared it with my wife, as she was born in the USA on 16 June 1940, the very next day after those flights of kindness in Japan.

And --happy coincidence-- her very favorite flower has always been the Lily of the Valley! Small, subtle, humble, and lovely.

John in Boston

Arawasi said...

Thank you John for the very nice comment. Glad our posting had more than strictly aviation meening to you.