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Sunday, 22 July 2012


August 24, 1938. An Hanriot HTD24 (or HD-14) belonging to the Nihon Hiko Gakko (Japan Flying School), registered J-BIDH, took-off from Tokyo's Haneda airport on a training flight with Fujita Toshio (instructor) and Ito Fumizo (pupil).
A short time later a Fokker Super Universal belonging to the Nippon Koku Yuso, registered J-BJDO, also took-off from Haneda on a training flight with Aoki Ryosaku, Sakai Tadashi and Tanaka Haruo; all pilots with the Hui-t'ung Aviation Company, soon to become China Airways Co. Ltd.
At 08:00 the skies above Oomori, a part of Tokyo's Shinagawa Ward, bear witness to the unfortunate collision of the two aircraft.

The Hanriot (photo above) fell on the entrance and bathroom of a Geisha house called "Shinman" while the Super Universal (photo below) crashed on the premises of "Yamamoto Tekojyo" (Yamamoto Screw Factory). Immediately about 100 factory workers and staff gathered around trying to help but the fuel tanks of the aircraft exploded engulfing everything in a big fire resulting in the destruction of the "Yamamoto Factory" as well as the nearby "Yamasawa Factory" and a number of surrounding houses.

Some sources mention that the number of the dead was 45 with 106 injured including nine factory workers, while other sources bring the number of the dead to no less than 82. All pilots unfortunately also perished in this tragic accident.

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