Arawasi contest #8

Monday, 30 July 2012


The May 1940 issue of a Japanese magazine featured the following quiz.
What means of transportation does this imposing "room" belong to?
a. flying boat
b. airship
c. electric locomotive
d. aircraft

What do you think? Can you also guess the type?






Harold K said...

Electric locomotive.

Anonymous said...

I think is the cockpit of a H6K "Mavis" flying boat.


Anonymous said...

Short sunderland flying boat


Arawasi said...

Relax Harold....think deeper!

Arawasi said...

Pity there were so few comments.
I guess our Brit friends are watching the Olympics (do something about the Olympic flame and don't put it out again, okay?).

The magazine gives the answer as "Flying Boat".
It is definitely not "Mavis" (sorry Jacob). It has too many windows.
I was not sure about the type either. The only Japanese type that looked possible to me was the Kawanishi H3K1 but I think Darryl is correct.

Thank you all.

Harold K said...

Alright George; I watched your video and will try to take your advice :-)
If it were an aircraft (even a large flying boat) I would expect the crew to be wearing parachutes.
Whatever the right-seater is using may be a signaling device. An Aldis lamp used in aviation, or something used in ground transport?
Can you say whether the photo originated in Japan, or would that be telling us too much? ;-)

Harold K said...

Oh well; just ignore my last comment.
I was actually thinking TOO deeply, this being an aviation site.

D. Chouinard said...

It's a Sunderland.

I happen to have the same photo in a book about said aircraft. :)

poesohotame said...