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Sunday, 26 August 2012


On July 1st, 1937 the city of Toyohara was officially founded by merging two adjoining villages. The city became the capital of the Japanese Karafuto Prefecture while the island was under Japanese administration. To commemorate this event aviatrix Matsumoto Kikuko decided to start on July 19 from Aomori, the capital of Aomori Prefecture, cross to Hokkaido making a stop at Sapporo and then continue to Karafuto. Her plane was a Salmson 2A2 registered J-BBGH and named "Shiragiku No. 2" (white chrysanthemum).
Bad luck plagued her attempt from the beginning. Bad weather grounded her for four days and after she finally took-off on July 23, she had to make an emergency alighting on the waters of Tsugaru Straight between Kyushu and Hokkaido. A nearby cargo ship, the Inari-Maru, rushed in to help taking her and her plane to the nearby village of Tairadate where the photo below, from a vintage publication, was taken.
Matsumoto declared that she would try again the following year.

After the end of WWII Soviet Union took over the island of Karafuto, as the Japanese called it, renaming it Sakhalin, while the capital city Toyohara was renamed Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (here).  

Note that the register is missing from this list.

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