Thursday, 2 August 2012

de Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth - デ・ハビランド DH.80A プス・モス

In this photo from a vintage magazine (March 1933 issue), one of the Puss Moths in the fleet of Asahi Shimbun has just arrived in the city of Jehol during "Operation Nekka", the campaign to capture the Province of Jehol (Rehe) (more here). Asahi Shimbun had four Puss Moths in their fleet and this is either J-BAWA (named "RURI" - "Flycatcher") or J-BAXA ("HIWA" - "Siskin").

Second from the right is pilot Kawauchi Kazuhiko who is none other than the pilot of Breguet 19A J-KIRI "Kochikaze" (East Wind), which together with J-KIKU "Hatsukaze" (First Wind) flew from Tokyo to Rome via Moscow in 1925.
Fourth from the right is Asahi cameraman Fijimoto and on the extreme left is flight engineer Tsukagoshi Kenji who together with pilot Iinuma Masaaki flew with Mitsubishi "Kamikaze-Go" from Tokyo to London in 1937.

Correcting Wikipedia: The Puss Moth entry does not list Japan or Manchukuo's MKKK as operators of the type.


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