Arawasi contest #8

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Nipponki '46: Mitsubishi Ki-67Z "Hiryu" Zwilling

After a very long time, I decided to work on a what-if "Nipponki '46" subject.
The idea is of an IJAAF heavy bomber with sufficient payload and range in a fantastic scenario where Imperial Japan is at war with USSR over Siberia.
Taking the Heinkel He111 Zwilling idea a step further I'm thinking that the merging of two Mitsubishi Ki-67s, properly modified with a pressure cabin for the crew, would be enough to meet the Army demands.

For the project I chose two inexpensive but old in every respect kits, one by LS the other by Arii. As you can see they are exactly the same except for the different color plastic.

The multitude of holes representing rivets was the first thing that had to go and I spent a substantial time working on that.
The next step was the elimination of the fuselage side blisters that would be inappropriate on a plane with a pressure cabin.  

Stay tuned on this posting for updates.


Emilio said...

Interesting project.

D. Chouinard said...

Yes, I will be following this one for sure!

I have seen those "rivets"..... :)