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Hub sent us the following questions:

1. What is the interior color of the Ki-60? Is it the same, for the lack of better name, "sandy brown" of the Ki-61?
2. Also, with the recovery of the Ki-54, where will it be restored and displayed and is there anywhere to follow the restoration?

We also received the following request:
3. "I am interested in finding any books on the Mitsubishi Ki-15 "Babs" especially those showing color photos of the different color schemes this plane may have come in showing upper and lower views of same."

Can anyone help?

Mark Smith:
Hi Hub,
Re the Ki-60, if it helps in terms of “educated guesswork” to consider other Kawasaki products:
Koku Fan magazine April 1982 had an Ichiro Hasegawa foldout of a Ki-48-I Type 99 “Lily” Bomber and the English translation of his caption included: “The interior was painted in dark bluish grey.
Koku Fan magazine October 1979 had an Ichiro Hasegawa foldout of a Ki-45 "Nick" and the English translation of his caption included the following memory from repeated visits to and close inspection of a wrecked “Nick” in Shenyang : “Except the cockpit area where light khaki painting was observed the inside had been unpainted.
Thanks to Mike Quan for making the wonderful folder of photocopies from which I found the above.

Also, a beautiful 1/72 model of a Ki-60 in the first Model Art Special on the Ki-61 Hien had the cockpit and wheel wells done in the same sandy brown color as is commonly attributed for Hien.

Re the Ki-15 “Babs” family of airplanes, sadly there is no Koku-Fan (in any of their several series of books dating back to 1970), Maru Mechanic, or Model Art Special on these wonderful birds. Miki Press did a wonderful hardback book several years ago about the London-Tokyo “Kamikaze” (I got mine from Arawasi) and if you can still get it, it has some great photos I’ve seen nowhere else of that airplane, though much of it is text and it’s all in Japanese (I can’t even tell you who the author is, and I’d love to see an English translation of at least the photo captions). Of course it doesn’t have any coverage of military versions. If you can find the special Hasegawa 1/72 release with Aeromaster decals from the late 1990s, there is a three-color camo Chinese-based Ki-15-I“Babs” with the tiger on the tail that is well-researched, and their original release of the Mania molds has art by Koike for a brown and green over light grey-green bird that is listed as discontinued; otherwise check Don Thorpe’s original JAAF C&M book by Aero Publishers for valuable photos of China-scheme Babs and the long-OOP Bunrin-Do large format book on Japanese recon birds (one of a three-volume slipcased set) for the best color artwork. Hope this helps.

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Hub Plott said...

Thank you very much for the information. I have the 1/48 Planet kit of the Ki-60 and they included no interior color info. You have given me a good starting point.