Arawasi contest #8

Monday, 23 June 2014

MUNDIAL - Brazil 2014

This is a blog about Japanese airplanes but we just can't ignore the World Cup of Brazil.

Feel free to share your thoughts, predictions etc.
Knockout stage!
Will it be easy or will we see surprises?

A difficult match. Personally I'd like to see Chile win. Time for some other country to win the World Cup.

Another difficult one. Colombia?



Can't decide. I like both teams very much.

Costa Rica-Greece


Congrats USA for qualifying! Would like to see them in the 8 although Belgium is very good too.


Barby jean said...

You do not seem to like the French team, nor seem to appreciate the 5-2 against Switzerland who ranked 6th on the FIFA board! Any good reason for that or just another brain fart? Take care, Jean.

Arawasi said...

Oh, Jean! I just asked for your thoughts on Group E. I do think the French team performed marvelously in both games and they are certainly completely different from the team in S. Africa. But do you think they are stable enough?

Jon Yuengling said...

I am surprised that Brazil can be in trouble in a number of ways. I support Mexico and Argentina and have since the 1980s While I love Messi Argentina goes out of its way to lose some of these matches. I was at a sports bar/restaurant here in the US and the bar went wild when Messi scored in the 91st minute.

Right now I am not sure which team is going to win it all as so many of the normal favorites are in trouble.

Barby jean said...

I think they are able to move ahead as they have now the spirit they lack in S Africa. To me, even if they do not pass to the quarter final, they have clean the mess and have given a positive image, and have developed a beautiful football. Best regards from France.

Arawasi said...

Best of luck to France Jean!

Can't agree more Jon. That's why this Mundial is so interesting.

Panagiotis Koubetsos said...

I like the way Holland and France hsve played their games and I'm sure one of them will be the finalist.My Greek compatriots will say good bye to Brazil tonight although I do wish for the opposite!

Barby jean said...

Pana ! i am not so sure of a win from the Bleus against Nigeria. I cross my fingers but I am not so sure! Of course I would like to see Algeria beat Germany, as the German played a dummy game with Austria some years ago, eliminating Algeria in such an unfair way. take care, jean;