Arawasi Contest 010

Monday, 7 July 2014

Akeno Hayabusa 1/72

Finished another one! This time it was a real pain. Again a very old and bad kit by LS. Removed all the pimples, a.k.a rivets, didn't bother myself with the absent cockpit and tried to make the movable parts less prominent. Basically I wanted to experiment with the camouflage and learnt valuable lessons which I will apply to a bigger Hayabusa in 1/48. AND it took me only about a month on & off. 


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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed those LS Oscars. Quick and easy, I built over a dozen of them for various camouflages and sentai insignia.
I do note though that the model is a Ki-43-I, with the two-bladed prop, but the box illustrated is the Ki-43-II.1108