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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

MUNDIAL - Brazil 2014

This is a blog about Japanese airplanes but we just can't ignore the World Cup of Brazil.

Feel free to share your thoughts, predictions etc.

Very nice final game.
Argentina played very well but I expected more from Messi. Don't complain about the referee when Higuain loses such a tremendous chance on the 21st min.

Admittedly the best team of the World Cup.
BEST Mundial ever, hands down.


Alcides said...

Well that's was blitzkrieg .... 7-1 maybe we the Argentinians has more luck tomorrow.

Unknown said...

We're there!!! Yeah Germany make 7 but our defense isn't Brazil defense. Vamos Argentina!!!

Panagiotis Koubetsos said...

As I see it the final will be a battle between the poor and the rich! I do wish Argentina will be the winner!

Arawasi said...

As a Greek it would be nice to see Angela unhappy and yes Greece and Argentina have much in common. But the German team play really great football. On the other hand Argentina is tough and also payed very well defencively. Let's hope we'll see an exciting final game.

Barby jean said...

This time it will be hard to stop the Afrika Korps detachement in Brasil. It makes France defeat 1/0 a bit less painful! Best regards! Jean.

Jon Yuengling said...

I am looking forward to a good game. And I hope to see Argentina win.