Saturday, 12 September 2015

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Luciano Gianfilippi (Daniel49)  added some very interesting information about the Japanese Savoia-Marchetti S.62
From Osaka Takarazuka
9 September 2015
There is a report on a Savoia S.62 use in Japanese Navy Air Force and eventually at Osaka
Japan Transportation Institute (as J-BBWI) on the book "Handbook of Japanese Aircraft 1910-1945", published in 1989 by Model Art Co.Ltd. (in Japanese language only).
In year Showa 7 (1932) one S.62 was acquired from Savoia-SIAI (former Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia) for research purpose by the Imperial Japanese Navy; interest was focused on the particular line of the kyle and on the long range of this seaplane; this seaplane was tested from Showa 7 (1932) until Showa 11 (1936); during these five years this seaplane made many long flights between air bases of IJN Yokosuka (Tokyo Bay) and Sasebo (Nagasaki Bay in Kyushu island); this S.62 eventually received civil registration J-BBWI for use by the Japan Transportation Institute at Osaka. During civil service at Osaka S.62 performed well missions as aerial recon and photo, rescue on sea, search for fishing ships; a project for long range flight from Japan Kyushu to Thailand was scheduled, but never realized; but this led to some modification on the aircraft, including more fuel and upper wing enlargement; during one test the Japanese press reported a record flight duration of more 11 hours, and a climb at 4.200 meters, but these events are unconfirmed; during the years of Japan-China war the Japanese newspapers published sometimes many triumphal reports for propaganda duties.
The Japanese book related data are interesting, because they say the engine of S.62 bought from Savoia was Isotta-Fraschini Asso 500-RI (not Asso 750), a V-12 with 520HP; wingspan 15 meters, length 11,70 meters, wing surface 65 m2, weight empty 2214 kg, weight full load 3260 kg, max speed 200 km/h, cruise speed 85 km/h, climb rate 2000 meters in 12' and 3000 meters in 24', max range 1500 km, max duration flight 14 hours.
Thank you very much Daniel49 for the extra information.
The box of a rare kit I spotted on the Japanese Ebay. Nakajima B6N "Tenzan" in 1/70 by IKKO.

You have probably heard in the news that this week we had extreme weather conditions when Typhoon Etau hit Japan. Although the area we live is relatively far from the worse hit areas, the downpour was particularly extreme. 
Here are two photos I took from my apartment window. The first on Thursday, the second on Friday. The gray thing you see in the background of the photo on the left is not fog; it's rain.



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Harold K said...

I recall the photo of heavy snow on your terrace last winter. Maybe more to come this winter?
In the northeastern US we had unusually low temperatures and snow that lasted for weeks last January and February. It looked like Russia here. The weather seems to be getting more extreme everywhere.