Sunday, 16 July 2017


ARAWASI International - Issue #13

Pages: 50
Photos: 200
Colour illustrations: 8
Size: A4
Price: $US 15.00 + $US 3.00 (postage by SAL) or + $US 5.00 (postage by air mail)

Photo Album: 59th Sentai - A special feature full of original photos, most never published before, from the album of a veteran pilot, who took photos during the unit's battles in Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua/New Guinea and back to Japan. 
The Wind from Asia, Pt. 1 - The first part of the story of the two Breguet 19A2, J-KIKU "Hatsukaze" & J-KIRI "Kochikaze", and their pilots who made history by flying from Japan to Moskow and beyond.  
Accident Reports - featuring never seen before in print photos and official reports of the accidents of the Mitsubishi G3M "Nell" prototypes.
The LB-2 Light Aircraft: Tokyo University's own home-built aircraft - An article about this little known trainer built by the students of Tokyo University. 
The Chamber of Secret...Japanese Aircraft Designs - Vintage what-if Japanese airplanes with a twist.
And more... 
The magazine is at the printers' and we will have copies in about ten days but you can pre-order your copy from now! Just send an email to: 


Jan Kaňov said...

Super message!

thomas diana said...

Are you selling the magazine outside the US?

Arawasi said...

thomas diana: ???????????????Yes, we do send an email to