Monday, 18 September 2017

HOT STUFF!!! #14

We offer on our blog rare and difficult to find kits and books at very interesting prices. Quantities are extremely low, usually only one kit or book is available and quality, although not new, is very good. The "HOT STUFF!!!" series will be updated frequently.
If you are interested send us an email at: indicating the item of your choice and your country of origin. We will get back to you ASAP with postage and payment details. For more info, HERE.
Don't miss this chance!
Today we offer limited numbers of three book titles, all out-of-print and highly sought-after. All in mint condition.
KOKU FAN ILLUSTRATED #79 - Imperial Japanese Army Corps Documentary p.1
Pages: 177, Photos: 266 b/w, Size: 21X29cm, Bunrindo, 1994 p/b
Comments: An essential book full of original photos of exceptional quality taken by the official photographer of the IJAAF Kikuchi Shunkichi.
Fighter and bomber units plus the best photographic record of the Army Para Corps.
PRICE: $US35 (postage not included
KOKU FAN ILLUSTRATED #80 - Imperial Japanese Army Corps Documentary p.2
Pages: 177, Photos: 233 b/w, Size: 21X29cm, Bunrindo, 1994 p/b
Comments: The second part with even more fantastic photos. Fighter and training units, plus photos of the Army Corps of Manchukuo
PRICE: $US35 (postage not included)
KOKU FAN ILLUSTRATED #109 - "Umiwashi to Tomoni" (Together with the Sea Eagles)
Pages: 152, Photos: 160 b/w, Size: 21X29cm, Bunrindo, 2000 p/b
Comments: High quality photos from the Enomoto Collection featuring seaplanes of the 902Ku, reconnaissance planes from the 11 Hikotai, "Ginga" bombers of the "Azusa Tokko-tai" and "Betty" bombers with "Ohka" of the Kogeki 711 Hikotai and more.
PRICE: $US35 (postage not included)

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