Friday, 15 September 2017

Nakajima Kikka-N Seaplane Fighter by George Eleftheriou

Last day of the contest so I thought to contribute, but not take part, with the what-if Nakajima Kikka-N Seaplane Fighter I just finished.
The kit I worked with was by Merlin Models in 1/72 which was quite bad, especially the canopy. I kept the fuselage and replaced the wings and the two secondary floats with those of a Hasegawa Kawanishi "Kyofu" which fit perfectly. The main float and the tail were from a Spitfire Floatplane by PM Models I found in the spare box of Leonardo's. I think the main float give a very "Shiun" appearance.
The two engines of the Merlin kit were too small for the wings so again I used some Me262 spare of unknown origin. Apart from these I didn't care to improve on other details.
The lack of forward wheel well means that the fighter has enough space for a big 37mm cannon plus two 20mm cannons on the nose like the Kawasaki Ki-96 had.
For decals I used the Hasegawa "Kyofu" ones.
Considering the material and the time, the model turned out to be a fun project although definitely not of the high standard of most of the models in the contest. I promised myself to give it another try in 1/48 though.  
I hope you like.




D. Chouinard said...

I like it! A creative use of bits and pieces from everywhere makes up into something truly unique!

DtKS said...

Interesting concept. Nice build. Good one George.

David S. said...

I'm not at all a what-if guy and this is a strange concept for sure, still I like how the floats blend in with the engine nacelles in an interesting way. Funny idea George!