Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hayabusa IFF stripes & contest

Two posts today guys. We have discussed the subject of IFF stripes on the "Hayabusa" aircraft in the past, HERE.
We failed to mention that one common mistake, seen also on some models taking part in the ongoing competition, is the shape of the IFF stripe. It should follow the shape of the wing edge with a curve above the wheel well right before the fuselage.
I admit that in our rush to finish our "Eagles of Manchukuo" book we overlooked that detail but in the second edition which is coming soon we will have it corrected.
There is one more thing I'd like to explain about posting your models for the "Hayabusa" contest. We have received a number of entries which we will absolutely post. But in order to give some time for each model to be at the top of the page and get the attention it deserves, we will post every second or third day the latest. I don't think it would be very respectful to post three or four entries in one day. So if you have sent over photos of your model last week and you haven't seen it posted yet, it's because there are other guys before you. Right after this post I will send emails to confirm we have received your emails with the photos.
Also, (pay attention here okay?) as we have made clear before, there is no problem to extend the contest deadline. If you feel you need a little more time to finish your "Hayabusa" model to a high standard, leave a comment or send an email. Also, feel absolutely free to ask for advice.
And finally thank you all for the interest, the very friendly and encouraging comments and for making this contest the best so far.  
Also, take a look and vote for Jean Barby's fantastic 3rd "Hayabusa", HERE.

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