Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014

Friday, 30 September 2011

Kawanishi E7K1 (Alf) ー 川西94式1号水上偵察機

Note the 600hp liquid-cooled engine and the four blade wooden prop.
Top green-bottom gray.

The Kawanishi E7K was a very well liked floatplane by it's crew. During an interview with a floatplane instructor (among other things), the veteran pilot told me that it was his favorite floatplane, among the "Willow", the "Pete" and the "Jake". Very strong and sturdy but also very easy to fly, with light controls. Those who have built the Hasegawa kit have probably noticed how "crowded" is the section in front and around the pilot. Nevertheless the veteran assured me that the plane offered excellent forward and downward visibility.

The photo from a vintage publication was taken during the Hainan island operations that started on February 10, 1939 and ended a couple months later. Some details about the op here.

The tail marking is censored but perhaps a ship guy may know which cruisers or battleships or floatplane tenders operated in the area at the time.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


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