Saturday 9 March 2013

Japanese X-plane Library #1

Title: "Nihon Riku-Kaigun Shisaku / Keikakuki"
(The X-planes of the Imperial Japanese Army & Navy)
Author: Nohara Shigeru
Published by: Green Arrow 1999 p/b, Out-of-print
Pages: 300, Size: 18X26cm, Photos: 234 b/w, Illustrations: on almost every page.

The X-plane bible!!! The absolutely necessary book for every X-planes fan and Japanese airplane researcher. All the lesser known types and prototypes are included here accompanied with photos wherever possible and illustrations. Here a list of the types covered:
IJAAF - Mitsubishi 2MB2, Rikugun 3-seat Experimental light bomber, Ishikawajima CM-1 (R-1), Rikugun Experimental Model 3 Fighter, Mitsubishi 2MR1, Mitsubishi 1MF2, Ishikawajima T-2, Ishikawajima T-3, Nakajima N-35, Nakajima Bulldog, Kawasaki KDA-3, Ishikawajima R-2, Ishikawajima R-3, Mitsubishi 2MR7, Ishikawajima R-5, Mitsubishi Ki-7, Kawasaki KDA-6, Kawasaki Ki-5, Nakajima Ki-8, Nakajima Ki-11, Nakajima Ki-12, Mitsubishi Ki-18, Mitsubishi Ki-33, Nakajima Ki-19, Kawasaki Ki-28, Kawasaki Ki-45 (prototypes), Mitsubishi Ki-46-IV, Nakajima Ki-58, Kawasaki Ki-60, Kawasaki Ki-64, Tachikawa Ki-70, Manpi Ki-71, Tachikawa Ki-74, Tachikawa Ki-77 (A-26), Kawasaki Ki-78 (Ken 3), Mitsubishi Ki-83, Nakajima Ki-87, Kawasaki Ki-88, Kawasaki Ki-91, Tachikawa Ki-92, Rikugun Ki-93, Tachikawa Ki-94, Kawasaki Ki-96, Manpi Ki-98, Kawasaki Ki-100-II, Kawasaki Ki-102, Kokusai Ki-105, Tachikawa Ki-106, Tokyo Ki-107, Kawasaki Ki-108, Mitsubishi Ki-109, Nakajima Ki-115, Nakajima/Manpi Ki-113, Ki-116, Ki-117, Kawasaki Ki-119, Nakajima Ki-201, Tachikawa "TaGo" and some of the Kokugen plans in brief.
IJNAF - Yokosho 1Go, Rohrbach R-Go, Kaibo Gikai KB, Kawasaki KDN-1, Mitsubishi 1MF9, Mitsubishi 2MR5, Nakajima E4N1, Kawanishi K11, Aichi AB-3, Aichi AB-4, Kokusho Type91 Intermediate Trainer, Nakajima NAF-1, Mitsubishi 1MF10, Mitsubishi 2MT10, Nakajima NAF-2, Mitsubishi KA-8, Kawanishi E8K1, Mitsubishi KA-9, Mitsubishi KA-14, Hirosho G2H, Nakajima B4N, Nakajima LB2, Mitsubishi KA-12 B4M, Kawanishi E10K, Kawanishi K6K, Watanabe K6W, Aichi F1A, Mitsubishi K7M, Kawanishi E11K, Aichi E12A, Kawanishi E13K, Watanabe K8W, Nippi K8Ni, Nippi L7P, Nakajima G5N, Mitsubishi A5M3, Aichi M6A, Aichi M6A1-K, Kyushu Q1W, Nakajima J5N, Mitsubishi A7M, Yokosuka P1Y1-S, Mitsubishi J2M4, Kyushu J7W, Nakajima G8N, Yokosuka D3Y, Mitsubishi Q2M, Yokosuka R2Y, Kawanishi J6K, Kawanishi H11K, Mitsubishi A6M8, Nakajima "Fugaku", Aichi S1A, Mitsubishi J8M, Nakajima "Kikka", Yokosuka "Ohka". Kawanishi "Baika", Nakajima "Tohka", Yokosuka MXY1 & MXY5.

The book is all in Japanese, out-of-print and not easy to find but occasionally we have an extra copy or two around. Our price is $US50. Email us for availability.  

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