Sunday 9 June 2013

Vintage magazine cover

Cover of August 1930 issue of magazine "Koku Jidai". Artwork by painter Suzuki Gyosui  born 1898 in Akita prefecture and a graduate of the Tokorozawa Rikugun Hiko Gakko. In 1927 his artwork illustrated aviation stories in the magazine "King" and in 1929 contributed artwork in another magazine, "Shonen Club". A year later he dedicated himself in creating aviation subjects earning the nickname "Air Force Suzuki Gyosui".  Died in 1982.
The aircraft on the cover is a Junkers F-13 seaplane with the registration J-BALG which according to the civilian register site belonged to Teikoku Kaibo Gikai, then to Nippon Koku KK until it crashed n March 1934.


Harold K said...

Having seen no comments on your last several posts leads me to make a personal observation. I suspect that many blog readers are like me: with an interest in aviation in Japan, but no first hand knowledge of Japan itself.
I therefore have little to add to a post like this one; but I VERY MUCH enjoy reading such "atmospheric" posts. They help to put the aircraft (and their pilots) that we outside Japan know something about into the context of Japanese history and society. I find that valuable and meaningful.
Keep it up, please.

D. Chouinard said...

I agree with Harold K.

The magazine cover and the beautiful ukiyo-e print in the post below show aspects of Japanese culture, and are very much welcome!
All of it helps round out the people and a time that we have a collective interest in, therefore it's relevant and helps our understanding of the subject.

I know a few things about Japan, but not nearly enough to call myself "well informed", so the history and culture presented here are always welcome!

Thank you!

fugaku said...

What those fellers said.