Wednesday 20 May 2015

Shizuoka 2015 #3

Papermodel Workshop (net)
Two paper models in 1/48 

Shimada Shosei Koto Gakko Mokei-bu (Shizuoka)
A high-school modellr's club with two excellent Zeros in 1/48. Very nice job.

Mokei Sakuru Non Stock (Tokyo - Kanagawa)
Love the funky /148 "Shiden-Kai", the Nate is Hasegawa/Mania in 1/72 and the 1/48 "Dinah" is a really very good model.  

CLUB COYOTE - Diorama Builders Society (net)
Masato-san had an amazing Zero diorama last year that was featured in Japanese magazines. This year he presented an incredible diorama with a "Renzan" under a derelict hangar. To be honest I'm not happy with the colour of the plane but the hangar is something else. Again you will see more in a Japanese magazine, probably "Scale Aviation".

Mokei Bishu Kurabu Minami Shibu (all-Japan)
Lovely models inspired by the movie the "Wind Rises"

Mebius - AFV Modellers Club (Shizuoka) 
 Rock Wave Modellbaugruppe (Tokyo and surrounding areas)


Pankoub said...

I'm sure you had a wonderful time in the exhibition George! I agree with you about the models..The hangar is exquisite but the plane spoils the dio.
Thanks for the coverage and the info!

Arawasi said...

That's right. If "Renzan" was silver or orange the dio would be more colourful and bright. Now it has a rather unpleasant dead feeling.
Glad you like.