Arawasi Contest 010

Monday, 7 September 2015

IJAAF sturter truck

A NARA photo featuring and IJAAF starter truck found by US forces in the Philippines. Standard equipment for fighter aircraft units was to have one starter per plane while for reconnaissance and bomber units the ratio was one starter truck per three planes.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a higher resolution image of this? I am trying to identify some starter trucks but there are not many photos.

Arawasi said...

Sorry, I don't.

Rui Lérias said...

IJA seems to only used the toyota starter truck, all photos that I have found are from the toyota truck, as for fuel trucks they used a lot diferent manufacters mostely american.

try to build the tractors used to pull the flying boats out of the water!

Arawasi said...

Rui, did you send me an email asking something about Emily? I wanted to send you a reply but can't find your email. Send me one more time please.