Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 012

Friday, 15 December 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 006 - MARK JAHSAN 2

This is the Fine Molds A7M1 done OOB, with Model Master paints and washes. Great kit, I started Sunday, and put the prop on Thurs morning for the pics.
- Mark Jahsan -


The kit slayer said...

I like that. Really nice finish to the orange. 4.8

Toryu said...

Beautiful model - I like the sparse wash which nicely represents the good condition in which prototypes were kept.
Just the extreme wide-angle photography of some pictures disturbs the natural shape. You might take a longer-distance shot and then enlarge the subject to achieve a normal perspective.
My vote is 4.6

Arawasi said...

I like it too. 4.6

D. Chouinard said...

Yes, I like the "see me" orange! Nice looking model! 4.7

Anonymous said...

As others have said the weathering and wash is modest as it should be on a prototype, but enough to bring out the details even in the individual rivets. I vote 4.7

Wind Swords

Jacob Terlouw said...

Like 'm a lot! Both beauties. My vote 4.7


David S. said...

Japanese orange aircraft I find quite appealing.
Nice model, but I keep out of judging.

Raketenmann said...

I really like her! Have started the Zero s designated successor but wasn t able to finish her for the contest. 4,8 from me!