Monday, 18 March 2019

NEW Model Art Release!

"Nihon Riku-Kaigunki Dai Zukan"
"Imperial Japanese Army & Navy Airplanes Illustrated Book #3"

The third publication in the series deals mostly with the "Zero" fighter and early IJNAF aircraft. There are many color illustrations detailing the Mitsubishi A5M "Claude, the experimental and prototypes Mitsubishi A3M1 & Nakajima A3N1, Mitsubishi ka-14 & Nakajima AN-1, Mitsubishi Ki-18, Mitsubishi 1MF, Vickers Viking, Supermarine Seal and Felixstow F.5 flying boats, a Hasegawa kit review and more on the Nakajima E8N1 "Dave"and a special on the Mitsubishi A6M1, the Zero prototype.
Published by Model Art, April. 2019 (?????), p/b Pages: 160
Size: 21X30cm
Available through our on-line store, HERE.


zegeye said...

How the first two books looks like?

Arawasi said...

Here you go zegeye:

I have only 1-2 copies left of the first so if you are interested, hurry up!

George Bryant said...

I've really enjoyed my copy. Excellent art work.