Wednesday 20 November 2019


I am looking for a spare decal sheet of the Special Hobby kit SH 72199 Nakajima Ki-115 or  -better - just the skull emblem of the 58th Shimbu-tai.
I have already used and placed these decals from the original kit but the model I am working on has suffered some problems with the paint-job and the model has to be stripped down of all its paint. I will pay for all the expenses of course. Thank you.

- Danilo Renzulli -

If you can help, please send an email:


Honza78 said...

I wrote a question to the manufacturer. We'll see what the answer is.
Yours sincerely from South Bohemia, Jan K.

Danilo said...

Dear Jan, thank for your reply _ I have already written to Special Hobby and the reply was that the kit is out of production so no spare decal sheets. Thank you again for your attemp.

Honza78 said...

My contact has told me he needs a little time. Everything is moving and anything can happen.

Ps: One thought occurred to me in case she didn't go well. Let's go over a few things and find out more. Everything is never lost immediately.

Honza78 said...

Bad news, warehouses searched, nothing found !! :(

But. . . . . my idea was right and I have one suggestion for you.
Do you know the Revi publications from us in the Czech Republic? They once issued a duel of the Japanese aircraft's color schemes. This publication contains, among other things, decal sheet on several selected aircraft in 1:72 and 1:48 scale. This sheet contains the same theme for the Ki-84 Hayate. Your Tsurugi has a "what if" coating, and I think this option would be enough for you. On the website (and not only there) the publication is still available.

David M. Knights said...

I believe I have the kit. Email me at I'd be happy to let you have the decal you need.