Saturday, 14 November 2020

NEW! forthcoming Aichi D3A "Val" in 1/32

Heads up! from Devlin Chouinard on a forthcoming release from the Czech modeling company Infinity Models; a brand new Aichi D3A "Val" in 1/32!
The cool box art is by Vlastimil Suchý.

The engine looks particularly detailed.

And the cockpit too.

Only two decals options can be seen in the preview page.
One for the aircraft of Lt.Com. Egusa Takashige with W.O. Ishii Tatsu, of the Soryu dive bomber group 
And the other flown by NAP 4/C Yamakawa Shinsaku with  NAP 4/C Nakata Kachuzo, of the Kaga.
Here's the decal set

I read in the messages that there are thoughts for a Pearl Harbor set of different U.S. and Japanese aircraft types, so maybe a "Kate" is or will be in the works too.
There are also absurd requests for a "Betty" or a "Nell" in 1/32. Hey, how about a "Mavis" in 1/24, heh?

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Anonymous said...

Too big for me. Always wondering why we get models like this that will have a somewhat limited market and we do not have a D3A2 in 72 or 48 that will have a larger one....