Sunday, 25 April 2021

Nakajima Ki-84 "Hayate", 58th Shimbu-tai by Danilo Renzulli

This is the classic 1/72 Hasegawa Nakajima Ki-84 still holds well despite its age - at least in terms of construction and proper fit. The model depicts a subject from the 58th Shimbu-tai and has suffered from some issues with its finish due to the poor quality of more recent Humbrol paints so I had to remove the paint while trying to preserve the interiors arranged with CMK cockpit set and Yahu instrument panel. The original canopy has been replaced by the excellent one from Rob Taurus. The built-in gills have been carved out  and replaced with ones coming from a Tamiya F4U kit adding new exhaust stacks from plasticard rods. The u/c legs received the break lines using copper wire and tiny strappings made out of thin aluminium sheet. The landing light resulted somewhat messy as I missed to note it has been surprisingly ignored in this model - when I realized it I had to arrange something well after having already sprayed the olive-brown. The model has been duly riveted although little is visible after primer and paint coats.
After spraying the Tamiya primer I tried to replicate the elusive olive brown finish with a mix of Mr. Color paints over locally applied Alclad aluminium masked with the "salt tecnique" to obtain some chipping effects. The tail insignia and numeral are the kind present of Michael Furry (laser cut masks) and George Eleftheriou (decals). Hinomaru have been sprayed with the help of Maketar masks. I didn't apply any final varnish on the model. I added the position lights using small drops of coloured Crystal Clear and added a new pitot tube made out of telescopic brass tube 0.5 to 0.3mm. Finally, for the first time I used small disc masks to paint the wheels discs. The mask was obtained by using a punch of proper diameter from a set I recently purchased on Amazon site. I suggest the use of these punches as they come in a kit of sizes from 0.5 to 6mm that turn very useful under several respects i.e cutting small disc masks, rear view mirrors, landing lights, inspection doors, ect. - I even obtain the microscopic glass for aiming device - These punches can be used with materials such as paper, thin plastic or aluminium sheet, frisket, Bare-Metal foil, etc. One thing has been left unfinished - the wheel wells colour as I didn't decide yet which colour I have to finish them (silver, aotake, ect...?). 
Suggestions are welcome, thank you.

- Danilo Renzulli -


Jacob. said...

Well done Danilo, it's a beauty!

Dizzyfugu said...

That's looking very good. Well done. :D

Michael Furry said...

Great job Danilo! I am happy to see that the tail insignia stencil worked out for you.


Unknown said...

Such a brilliant Ki84 !.....very well done and all of the modifications and paint color replication only add to the overall excellence!

Thanks, Danilo for sharing this with us all

WD said...

Well done sir, a beautiful build.