Sunday 9 May 2021

Heads Up!

Heads Up! first from our friend Jan Kanov for two new releases from RS Models, both in 1:72.

including markings for J-BDEO

including markings for J-BACC

Thank you also to our friend Harold K for reminding us the forthcoming release of Tachikawa Ki-54 "Hickory" from Special Hobby, also in 1/72.


Mark Newton said...

I'm really looking forward to getting and building a Ki-54. Ever since seeing the stored fuselage in the Australian War Memorial's Treloar Centre I've been fascinated by this aircraft.

Harold K said...

Since my original heads-up to George, I've read that the specific aircraft in this release (shown on the box) is the "Lake Ghost" found and recovered in Japan several years ago.
Even better, the gunnery trainer is also to be released.