Monday, 30 May 2022

Heads Up! - Kawanishi "Baika" by Kora

Kora Models has released a series of no less than four kits in 1/72 featuring various designs and configurations of the obscure and design-only Kawanishi "Baika".
One of the kits includes a trainer version of the type. First time I hear of this and in my opinion, it is highly unlikely that it would be produced as it looks in the kit. More likely two seats in a closed canopy, similar to the Ohka trainer. But since it's a what-if, I guess it's not impossible.
The only impossible thing is the price of these tiny kits. At 22Euros or 3000Yen each, I don't think I will ever buy one. Instead, I'll try to finish the old and crude AV Model kits in my collection. I've been opening and closing these damn kits for the past 20 years...
I wouldn't object at all if these Kora kits were in 1/48 for the same price, though.
Anyway, here they are. Thanks, Jan for the heads up!

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R. Vieira said...

Yes, I noticed the crazy price. This is actually a common thing with Kora. I will pass; still waiting for injected plastic kits of 1930s IJN aircraft that remain available in resin only.