Saturday 31 December 2022


2023, the year of the rabbit

The zodiac sign Rabbit "represents good year and patience in Chinese culture, which means that the Year of the Rabbit 2023 will offer us the tranquility and success we were missing in 2022. The impact of the rabbit will moderate those who are very reckless or have their heads in the clouds. Because of this, you can successfully carry out your ideas if you deliberate before acting."
"As rabbits live peacefully in groups, this symbol represents “well-being of a family”. It also represents “great progress in business” because of the way they leap forward."

So, yet another Covid year is behind us. Japan has currently a daily average of 300 deaths due to Covid but the event of the year in the country was the assassination of the former PM Abe. 
More horribly, this year, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is still ongoing with no end in the immediate future. Let's hope the Ukrainian people will show the same strength in 2023 and victory and peace to come quickly with the whole country back under the blue and yellow flag. SLAVA UKRAINI!

Unfortunately, no new Arawasi publications this year, but we manage to put something together for Osprey, due next May.
Don't expect a publication as good as our Eagle Eyes, though. We promise to give the bomber the attention it deserves some time in the future. 
Meanwhile, rest assured we didn't stay idle this year and new releases are forthcoming.

This blog did not do so well in 2023. We had very few contributions and there is a feeling that the interest is wavering. Regardless, we will persevere and hopefully, you will find something you like here in 2023 as well. 
Our FB page is doing great though. So perhaps you prefer this medium? 

As always, a HUGE "thank you" to our good friends:
Sinang Aribowo, James Boyd, Devlin Chouinard, Jan Kaňov, Danilo Renzulli, Zygmunt Szeremeta and Eric Vogel. AND JEAN BARBY!!!!

All the best for the new year to everybody out there.


Harold K said...

Thank you, George. The same to you & Kiri and to all Arawasi blog readers and participants. May 2023 be a peaceful and rewarding year for us all.

David Brizzard said...

What a great way to start the new year. A new IJAAF book. Thanks George.

jean Barby said...

And thak you Georges for once again forgetting me!

Arawasi said...

Thanks, guys. Happy New Year Jean! Can't wait for your next Japanese aircraft model.

jean Barby said...

Ha ha! Same to you my friend and all the best to Arawasi!

Mark Newton said...

G'day George, Sorry to be a bit late in posting, but I'm wishing you and my fellow Arawasi fans all the best for 2023. I've really enjoyed reading the blog, as well as the Ki-21 book. I prefer the blog format to Facebook, and I hope you continue with it.

My New Year's modelling projects will be the ICM Ki-21 as well as a few other J-aircraft. I've also gotten a Revell/Takara Ki-21 that I'm building to compare with the ICM kit. If you're interested I'm happy to post progress reports.



Arawasi said...

Thanks a lot, Mark! Most certainly interested in the progress reports. Email me please.