Wednesday 5 April 2023

A6M3 model 22 by Pat Donahue

A few photos of this Tamiya A6M3 model 22 kit in 1/72 built out of the box. Depicting an aircraft during the Solomon's campaign with field-applied camouflage. The A/C of this unit were painted to the same general pattern but with differences due to different painters. I sometimes wonder if the A/C were camouflaged on the carrier before being deployed to the land bases?
The model was painted with Sovereign Colorcoats for the Amber Gray base color and with Xtracolor for the field-applied mottle. All markings were masked and airbrushed with decal codes and stencils. The seat belt and harness is the Tamiya decal cut closely off the sheet and gently folded and applied to the seat without wetting or removing from the backing paper.
Weathering was done with oils and pastels.

- Pat Donahue -


WK said...

Nice work, with enamels no less.

Bob Deinhardt said...

Wow, 1/72, what a great build.

jean Barby said...

Very pleasant to look at. Thanks for sharing.