Saturday 12 August 2023

N1K2-J" George" Shiden-kai by Jean Barby

Here is my rendition of the Hasegawa kit in 48th. I have used the superlative SBS interior, riveted the model and made my own masks as the Hasegawa decals are just very poor. The Kawanishi green is from the Mr Color range, AK metal for the underside with Dead design masks for the moveable surfaces. Master canon barrels are a must too. This is a first serie « Shiden-kai » with the large rudder, piloted by WO Hiroshi Oh-hara with the 343rd Ku at Omura in April 45. The white band denotes a buntai-cho. A very pleasant project. 

- Jean Barby -


Brett said...

Hi Jean! A beautiful build! I like the way you did the fabric surfaces, that's a nice look and I would love to see what did you did on the bottom of the ailerons and elevators. I'm building one of the old Otaki N1K1 kits right now and I'd like to try my hand at duplicating that effect, instead of just spraying the whole surface in a slightly lighter shade.

jean Barby said...

The underside was painted with AK Metal, the movable surfaces were painted with Tamiya XF16. For the painting relief, I have used Dead Design optical illusion control surface for the N1K2. Hope it helps.

Brett said...

Thank you, sir. I appreciate the info!