Wednesday 17 April 2013

Kawanishi H6K2-L "Mavis" by Otsuki Hajime

Otsuki-san created a beautiful civilian "Mavis" in 1:72, registration J-BFOZ named "Ayanami" ("Twilled Waves").


Harold K said...

This is exceptional work.
I had never seen the red stripe on the hull in any photo of a Dai Nippon Koku KK aircraft.

Bob Alford said...

A lovely model (it is a model isn't it? ;-) of a lovely graceful aircraft and a tribute to his skills.

Thanks for bringing these few articles on 'Mavis' to our attention George and team...

Bob Alford
Lampang Thailand

fugaku said...

Appears that the propellers actually run - a nice touch! Beautiful work on a gorgeous aircraft. The shape of the H6K has always made me think of some kind of graceful flying whale. A very animate-looking airframe.