Saturday 7 December 2013


Various vintage kits on sale on Japanese ebay.

ODK - "Toryu" - Scale: 1/55

Marusan - Kawasaki Ki-61 "Tony" - Scale: 1/50

Imai Kagaku - "Hayate" - Scale: 1/50

Fujimi - "Hopping series: Zero-sen Taicho" - Scale: ?
A "kit" from the '60s by Fujimi. The pilot figure was positioned over a rubber base with a spring; hence the "hopping series" name.  


Jacob Terlouw said...

I love all that box art.
very appreciated!!

Jacob Terlouw

fugaku said...

Really love this vintage box art. That's an Airfix-worthy action scene on the Hayate box. Still trying to figure out the spring-mounted pilot figure though. It`s the type of bizarre and fascinating thing that could only have come from 1960s Japan. Pretty cool.

Arawasi said...

Thanks guys. I think the spring-mounted pilot was to be some short of dashboard or desk accessory.