Thursday 19 December 2013

Yokosho E1Y2-D

A few days ago we posted some photos of Yokosho E1Y seaplanes.
Today we post a photo of one of the experimental versions, the Yokosho E1Y2-D or Type 14 Reconnaissance Seaplane Model Kai-1-D. It was a completely different design than the rest of the E1Y series and was basically the prototype for the Type 90-3 Reconnaissance Seaplane or Kawanishi E5Y. Main differences were the Jupiter Model F8 450hp engine, installed for the first time, the extensive use of steel piping and the installation of a ventral machine gun position.

Engine: Jupiter F-8, 450hp air cooled radial 9-cylinder
Hp during take-off: 520
Propeller: wood, fixed pitch, 2-4 blades, diameter: 3.55m
Span: 14.50m
Length: 10.552m
Height: 4.10m
Wing area: 55.00sqm
Weight: 1,800kg
Load: 1,200kg
Fully equipped: 3,000kg
Wing load: 54.5sqm
Power loading: 6.67kg/hp
Max speed: 96kt
Cruising speed: 70kt 

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Alcides said...

Sometimes I didn't comment to avoid begin repetitive but Every day I stop at wild eagles to see if something new is here.
I specially happy with every picture or profile from the interwar period.