Sunday 24 August 2014

Mitsubishi J2M3 "Raiden" (Jack) by Bernhard Tomaschitz - WIP#2

In this second instalment I'd like to continue with the cockpit which is chapter 3.2 from A to F in the Zoukei Mura Raiden Manual.
Something completely new to me was the inclusion of details under the cockpit floor, equipment and controls. All the kit parts are nicely done and fit perfectly. One big error concerns the photo-etched parts and specifically the headrest. In the photo-etched part instructions the headrest is depicted on the wrong side and the modeller is supposed to grind down the positioning for the radio compartment. Unfortunately if you follow this instruction you destroy part C-53 and this will be fully visible on the finished aircraft.
Regretfully I did not have instructions about the working mechanism, the cables and other details of the seat adjustment. As you see in the photos, a pulley is on the right and left above the seat. The cables, which are now not installed run horizontally above the seat and on both sides vertically down. This is a prominent visible detail I missed.
For the seat adjustment only the plastic parts of the kit should be used, the photo etched parts are wrong, even the headrest. All other photo-etched parts though, as mentioned above, fit properly. Apart from that overall building of the cockpit is pretty straightforward. The Model Art #470 is a good guide for painting and proper installation. I used Tamiya glue as well as cyanide glue.
I contacted ZM and pointed out these inaccuracies to them. They were very kind to reply:
"Regarding the mistake in the manual(part C53 is shown the wrong side):
We will correct the manual and upload a PDF file on our website to download, as soon as possible.
Regarding the etching parts:
The shape will be revised, considering the defects you pointed out, as soon as we have a new production."

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