Monday, 1 February 2016

North Front 1943 - video

First part of an NHK clip dated December 7, 1943. This ones features IJNAF units stationed probably on Sakhalin or Paramushir island.
The narrator says:
"After our units perished in a honorable way on the island of Attu and the enemy has moved on to Kiska, we are waiting the enemy bombers to arrive over the Japanese mainland. Our front bases are hit by bad weather, snow and rough seas. Our Sea Eagles protect the front even if there are so strong and cold wings the engines freeze. The crew members play with their pets, a dog and a captured wild fox, on the frozen airfield. Although the battles in the Southern areas go favorably, our soldiers of the north are waiting daily for the enemy to arrive, taking off on patrols."
Although the unit tail markings are not visible check our other posting here. Personally I've never seen even one diorama featuring Zeros or Bettys in snow which is a pitty as it would be quite unusual and interesting.


David Brizzard said...

I only get a White, blank, screen.

Scoobs said...

Same, same here - any special plug-ins required?

Arawasi said...

Ok now? It's a simple wmw video.

Dan Salamone said...

It does not work with Firefox, but will show in a Microsoft browser. Great video, seeing these types in a winter environment.


fugaku said...

Love these NHK clips!