Thursday, 11 August 2016

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001 - OTSUKI HAJIME

Our very good friend Otsuki-san from Kanagawa Prefecture sent over photos of some of the experimental/prototype Japanese aircraft models in his huge collection. He explained:
I picked up several Japanese Experimental Aircraft from my show case in front of me for your blog.
In the show case, there are about 400 aircraft models in 1/72, but all are prop ones.
I would like to send you some pictures of the following models, all in 1/72: 

(1) Kawasaki Ki-78 (Ken-3)   (Unlimited Air Models, aka ANLIMI –Model in Japan)

(2)  Kawasaki Ki-60 Experimental Heavy Fighter (RS Models CZ)

(3) Kawasaki Ki-64 Experimental High Speed Fighter (MPM CZ)



(4) Tachikawa  Lockheed Type-B SS-1  High –altitude Research Plane ( FE Resin & Co. CZ)


(5)  Nakajima "Saiun-Kai" C6N2 (with  Supercharger,  FUJIMI Japan)

I hope you like them.

I'm sure you will agree that the brilliant variety of subjects more than compensates for the quality of the photos.


zegeye said...

I like rotating propellers 8-) Nice collection.

Anonymous said...

What a great collection! My favorite is the C6N2.

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

The SS-2 is most favorite and I give a 3 to each of the models.

Fluffy said...

I also say 3s please.

400 planes in the show case?! You are excellent! :D


Honza78 said...

Beautiful aircraft. . .
. . . I have long wondered how to do it. . . .
(1)- 3
(2)- 3
(3)- 3
(4)- 3,5
(5)- 3

Anonymous said...

I vote 3.5 overall.

Wind Swords