Sunday, 7 August 2016

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 001 - CAMERON LOHMANN

Cameron Lohmann "Fluffysmodels" from Florida, USA built the Finemolds Mitsubishi Ka-14 (the first Mitsubishi A5M "Claude" prototype) in 1/48 specifically to participate in our contest and added: 
This kit is FANTASTIC!  It looks like the company put a great deal of work into it and I think it's the best Finemolds kit I have ever worked with.
I was worried about the color of the tail not matching with the red of the provided decals so I painted all the markings but for he stripes on the propeller.  I love how minimalist this plane looks.  It makes the inverted gull-wings really stand out.
Thank you!
- Fluffy -

Fluffy sent today, upon request, some photos without the instruction background. 


Arawasi said...

Brilliant subject! Would like to see photos of the cockpit and undersides of the model if possible.

Anonymous said...

Excellant work Fluffy! If you can please take some photos with a white or otherwise plain background, so that there will be no distractions from your good work.

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

Thanks Fluffy for the extra photos.
My score: 4

Honza78 said...

Hi All. Nice model.

My score: 4.

Anonymous said...

I am giving it a 4.5. I especially like all the markings being painted. Really exceptional work.

Wind Swords

Fluffy said...

Thank you all for the kind words!