Thursday 23 February 2017

NEW Publication - The IJNAF Interceptor "Shiden" N1K1-J

Title: The Imperial Japanese Navy Interceptor "Shiden" N1K1-J series, photo & illustrated
Authors: Yoshino Yasutaka
Pages: 127
Size: 21X26
Photos: 144
Profiles: 13
Published by Dai Nippon Kaiga, Feb. 2017.
A new publication by DNK dedicated mostly to the Kawanishi N1K1-J "Shiden" prototype. Dozens of high quality photos that appear first time in-print covering every detail of the prototype. There are seven pages with color illustrations by artist Sato Kunihiko (from Model Art) as well as side and bottom color views by Yoshino Yasutaka of "Shiden" belonging to various units. There is also a chapter with a few photos and drawings detailing the various differences between the "Shiden" prototypes, pre-production and production versions. Unfortunately no English in the book but a highly recommended one nonetheless.
The book is available through our on-line store: HERE

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D. Chouinard said...

This looks really interesting even though not being able to read kanji is problem....