Friday 21 July 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 005 - ALLAN JEFFERY

My first entry into this competition, is the old ("classic") Tamiya  Rufe.
At the time of this build I was trying to simulate a finish that may have been mistaken for the violet colour that had been much debated (and finally denied). I painted the model how I thought it would have been painted when it was in service. Natural metal,red brown primer with a IJN grey top coat. The IJN grey recommended was the early Tamiya acrylic light grey and not the later ash green. The effect under certain light did have a slight violet colour. How it would have worked with the later and better researched colours I dont know, if I ever build another Rufe I will be trying out a heavily weathered IJN green. I think Tamiyas Rufe stands the test of time and is still a very decent kit. Thank you for giving me the chance to show off my build.
- Allan Jeffery -
I had hoped to get this finished by the end of the contest, but it was not to be. I lost the aerial and couldn't build or find a replacement before going on the family vacation. I'm posting it up anyway and hope you all can invisage it with the aerial mast in place.
 The kit is Hasegawa built OOB, using mainly Tamiya acrylics through an Iwata a/b. The lightening bolt was a little "see through" and (to me) spoiled the overall look.


D. Chouinard said...

Nicely done! 4.6

Anonymous said...

And the hits keep on coming! Great job Allan. I especially like the clean canopy framing, is it the kit part? It looks so clear. My vote is 4.7.

Wind Swords

DtKS said...

Kit canopy total OOB. Glad you liked it.


Michael Thurow said...

Very solid model. I like the finish of the camouflage. We all have built models in this 'early IJN grey' before the candy grey appeared as the historically more correct colour. 4.7

Jacob Terlouw said...

Nice kit,build with care for detail. Inspiring to finish one still lying around here.

Honza78 said...

Super. 4,7.

Eric Vogel said...

Grey is not boring !
Maybe some panel lining would have exposed some more details.
Very nice. 4.8

Arawasi said...

I like this one. Is it gray, is it blue, is it purple...who can tell! 4.6

Fluffy said...

Solid build and i like the thinking on the paint. 4.6