Wednesday 13 September 2017

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 005 - MIKHAIL AGEENKO

1/72 Hasegawa A6M2-N of 802nd Flying group. Was completed OOB.
- Mikhail Ageenko -


DtKS said...

Nice build,I like the scheme. A 4.5 from me.

Anonymous said...

Nice. Just looking at the pictures I thought it was a 1/48 scale model, instead of a 1/72. My vote is 4.8.

Wind Swords

David Brizzard said...

Very well done. First "Rufe" builder that I have seen in a long time that got both the float stripes and the upper wing walk stripes done
correctly. Most people do not. So I vote 4.8. Thank you for the build.

Eric Vogel said...

I like the overall finish of the plane, considering the " small " scale.
A light colored panel line " wash" might look great on the model.
My vote 4.7

D. Chouinard said...

Looks really nice! Very clean. The only thing I can see out of sorts are the IFF stripes, the edges are a bit wavy. (Hard to get things "just so" in 1/72 scale sometimes.) Overall a nice finish. 4.7

Arawasi said...

Very very nice for the scale. 4.8

Michael Thurow said...

Nice build, very clean finish. Nearly too clean around the engine cover. Another one without antenna wire - is there a reason? Overall 4.7

Fluffy said...

It really does look like a 1/48 not/72!