Saturday, 23 September 2017

Modelling videos pt. 1

Will try to post a number of interesting modelling videos I recently discovered on UTube. Even if you can't see the video on this blog there will be a link where you can go and enjoy it in better quality too. I'd very much like to hear your comments regarding the techniques used, the paints etc.
So first up is a video from "rebelsatcloudnine" building a beautiful Tamiya 1:48 G4M1 Rikko (Betty). Here's the link to the video:


D. Chouinard said...

Interesting video. The only thing I might say that the person is doing wrong is having the paint chipping too "even". Some areas chip more than others. I think we as human beings like symmetry, when in fact natural effects are far more random.
Hadn't thought of using surgical tape for seat belts, the sticky side making placement easier.
Overall, a good job!

rebelsatcloudnine said...

Darn, I was really trying to be more random. I've come up with a few alternate ideas on chipping, just haven't got any projects on the go to properly use them on. Probably should have used 2 layers of tape instead of 3, then again as they say "hindsight is 20-20"