Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - BARONVONROB

The venerable Fine Molds Yokosuka R2Y "Keiun" in 1/72, built all straight out of the box using Tamiya paint mixes and EZline for the radio wire.
- BaronVonRob, USA - 


Anonymous said...

Well done and with (IMO) just the right amount of weathering/soot added that would be appropriate for a prototype. My vote is 9.

Wind Swords

Arawasi said...

I agree. I like the "white" pannel lines too. 9

D. Chouinard said...

Looks really good! 9

Raketenmann said...

Superbly done! 9

Honza78 said...

I give 9 points. Great and interesting work.
It's a great pity that FineMolds don't make this beautiful machine at 1:48.