Sunday, 9 June 2019

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 011 - LEON KLOKE #2

The first is rs-models Tachikawa Ki-87. The kit required some filler especially around the wings and the canopy. I added some cockpit detail which you barely will see. All in all a nice kit with some work around it.
Then there is Hasegawa J7W which I started years ago. I finished it for the contest. There is eduard's photo-etch set for detailing it up especially round the cockpit and the landing gear. The colour scheme was inspired by a set of photos of the type I found in the internet. A very attractive plane and nice and easy build with a little bit of filler needed.
In the first set of photos the antenna is missing but, as you can see it's fixed.
- Leon Kloke - Germany


Anonymous said...

Ki-87: a 7. Too plain, needs more detail, a wash and a little weathering.

J7W: an 8. Nice attempt at duplicating the famous photos of the aircraft taken just after the surrender.

D. Chouinard said...

Hard to to give a score on a group. I see some subjects where the details need to be picked out a bit more, and others where the panel chipping effect is a bit too much. I know some of this can be hard to regulate in 1/72nd, and it's very easy to overdo it. So, for the entire grouping, it's 8 from me.
Overall, I like them and they look great sitting as a group, showing relative sizes and features.

Arawasi said...

It's a 7 from me for the whole set. They need a little more work but I'd really like to thank Leon for taking part in our contest with his models.