Saturday 7 September 2019

Artist - Vladimir Martinicky (7)

The latest work by Vladimir features a Navy Type 94 Reconnaissance Seaplane or Kawanishi E7K2 "Alf".
A photo of this floatplane is on p.36 of FAOW#47. According to the caption the photo was taken on the first half of 1942, in Singapore, Seletar port. The "Alf" belongs to the cruiser Kashii, flagship of the 1st South Fleet. The tail marking UI-1 was used from December 1941 until June 1942.
The combined fleet site mentions:
11 April 1942:
Singapore. KASHII is assigned as the flagship of Vice Admiral Ozawa's First Southern Expeditionary Fleet, Malay Force. Assigned guardship duties.


Will Silk said...

Very nice work!

Baronvonrob said...

Thanks Georges for this particular post

Coincidentally I have been attempting to build this particular aircraft in 1/72 off and on (mostly off) over the past few years.

Just one particular question ..What exactly is the nature of the black object that is on the dorsal fuselage ?


Arawasi said...

It's the cover for the loop antenna of the Model 1 "Ku" Mark 3 Radio Direction Finder. A copy, manufactured under licence, of the Fairchild Kruesi radio compass.

D. Chouinard said...

Beautiful work, as always! Also one of my favorite J-planes, thank you for sharing Vladimir!