Friday, 27 March 2020

Japanese Aircraft Online Model Contest 014 - JAN KANOV - WIP #1

Mitsubishi A6M2a Type 11, Hasegawa 1:48, WIP #1

The unmixed paints I use are  in the GSI and exclusively Mr.Color range.
Here I started with Mr.Surfacer 1000 for the gray surfaces. I used Mr.Finishing Surfacer 1500Black to use silver. This is also sprayed on the cowling, it still comes one of the shades of silver as a basis for possible rubbing.
Before I decide on the overall paint scheme, I underwent a fleeting research. I asked a few questions in one commu nity group and decided to take that direction in my search.
I chose one of the 12th Kokutai machines. After finding out why Zero is so weirdly colored, it was clear to me how it should look! Tamiya XF76 was all identified on the upper surface. I do not use Tamiya paints, so I was looking for an approximate choice with GSI. The search ended in the possibility of using H127 (cocpit color Nakajima), which I rejected and H128 (gray green). It's a lighter shade than Tamiya, but in the end I decided on this one. For the lighter part of the spray, I just touched this color with white H1. The only place I used a sharp color field transition is at the top of the cab, not around the wheel as shown all over the world !! The reason is clear and absolutely simple. The machines were covered with a tarp to protect the cockpit from the sun. This tarpaulin was at this point used most of the time. It was laid tight nowhere else. The cloth, according to the photos, reached almost to the wing weapons. But it was fluttering and did not touch the wing itself. Of course, it's a piece of cloth and its use is wide and we never know how to put it. But our story goes this way. ;)
Therefore, the wings are sprayed into the lost with an unclear field interface.
And as one life experience says, "Where the sun cannot go there ... must give a dark color." Only the back of the fuselage must be sprayed into the lost for the effect of sunlight.
That would be it.
In the last four photographs, the lighter color is again given a slightly more lightened color for the effect of space. :)
Right now I have sprayed control surface gray H35 (IJN gray Mitsubishi). And on my PC I have developed templates for Ploter. We will see what can be sprayed and what decals will have to handle.
I'll get back to the propeller. It is sprayed with the already mentioned basic black paint. On it is applied GSI SM06 (chrome silver).
The back of the propeller blades is a classic H131 (propeller color) and everything is covered with glossy varnish. I applied the WetTransfer from HGW to the varnish, all according to their instructions. And at the first attempt I fell in love, I hope that there will be more such sets for Japanese aircraft in the future.

- Jan Kanov, South Bohemia -



Anonymous said...

This level of detail is incredible and I am humbled.

Honza78 said...

Thank you for your compliment. But believe it is not such a miracle. Just one thing I can cover the one that does not exactly know me twice and so is terribly blown away. :D

Ps: I don't know if my sentences will make sense !! If not, at least you can laugh. ;)