Sunday 6 June 2021

Heads up!

Another very interesting release from RS Models; Manshu Ki-79 single-seat or double-seat trainers in 1/48!

The kit comes with four paint scheme and decal options.
1. Ki-79 Ko, 17. Kyoiku Hikotai, Japan, April 1945
2. Ki-79 Otsu, Red Army of China, 1946

3. Ki-79 Ko, 1th Yasen Hojyu Hikotai, Sembawang, Singapore, August 1945
4. Ki-79 Otsu, unidentifed training unit captured by Sovier troops at Mukden, China, August 1945

A nice looking kit I would definitely like to get.  

Thanks Jan for the heads-up!


Honza78 said...

George if you are interested in this kit. And if it's not available in your area. Just let me know and we can make arrangements. It's no problem.

Dan Salamone said...

It's a nice kit, I have the first release. I saw one built up last week online, the one issue I'd fix is the cowl opening. It is too wide, if you compare to actual photos it's pretty obvious. It's also very expensive, compared to similar Eastern European companies.


Honza78 said...

No hard feelings. But the Czech Republic is not essentially Eastern Europe. It is confused by the fact that we were part of the Eastern bloc during the Cold War. It wasn't our choice. Otherwise, we are Central Europe. After all, Austria could talk a lot about its location in relation to its inclusion in the West. It is a bad time at the moment and it is making things more expensive and we are in for some tough times. There is nothing to do but work and endure, maybe get used to it.

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