Saturday, 28 January 2012

VIPs - Mitsubishi Ki-57 (Topsy) - 一〇〇式輸送機

The cover of the March 31, 1943 issue of the magazine "Shashin Shuho". The leader of the Burmese Executive Administration Dr. Ba Maw is visiting Tokyo accompanied by a delegation of Burmese officials. The photo was taken during his arrival on a charter flight at Tokyo's Haneda airport on March 18 at 14:00. In the background is a heavily camouflaged Mitsubishi Ki-57 (Topsy) probably belonging to Dai Nippon Koku K.K.
Five months later, on August 1, 1943 the "independent" State of Burma was declared with Ba Maw as Head of State and Prime Minister.  

昭和18年3月18日午後2時 東京飛行場にバー・モウ ビルマ行政府長官一行が特別仕立の飛行機で到着した。後ろには大日本航空と思われる100式輸送機が見える。

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