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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hokoku #1 - #10

Here's a follow up from the previous posting (here). All photos from the Arawasi collection but unfortunately it seems that photos of Hokoku #3 and #4 are quite rare so we would appreciate it if anyone has any to share.

Kawanishi E5K1 Hokoku #1 - 90式3号水上偵察機

 Kawanishi E5K1 Hokoku #2 - 90式3号水上偵察機
Donated by citizens of Hyogo Prefecture on April 17, 1932.

Nakajima A2N Carrier Fighter Hokoku #5- 九〇式艦上戦闘機
Donated by citizens of Ishikawa Prefecture on June 12, 1932.

Yokosho E1Y Hokoku #6 - 一四式水上偵察機
Donated by citizens of Aichi Prefecture on July 10, 1932.

Nakajima A2N Carrier Fighter Hokoku #7- 九〇式艦上戦闘機
Donated by vocational schools from all over Japan on September 23, 1932.

Nakajima E4N2 Reconnaissance Seaplane Hokoku #8 - 九〇式二号水上偵察機
Donated by citizens of Kagoshima Prefecture on October 2, 1932. 

Mitsubishi 3MT2 Hokoku#9 - 十三式三号艦上攻撃機改造水上機
Donated by volunteer group living in the Kure Naval District (呉鎮守府管下有志) on October 2, 1932
Note the very different style of the inscription.

Nakajima A2N Carrier Fighter Hokoku #10 - 九〇式艦上戦闘機
 Donated by citizens of Saga Prefecture on October 2, 1932 


Harold K said...

Is there some documentary record which tells us what aircraft type(s) numbers 3 and 4 were?
Or, must we depend on photos turning up to know even that much?

Arawasi said...

According to the site


they were Mitsubishi B1M3 and they were donated by the Kure Naval District on June 19, 1932.

Harold K said...

Thanks George.